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Tree protection

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Martin Wigger

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Winter is approaching. It is therefore necessary to watch out for browsing or bark-stripping by rabbits, roe deer, hares, etc. Browsing or bark-stripping can lead to decrease in growth, disease and death. Agro de Arend offers a wide range of products to protect your trees against browsing, bark-stripping and mowing damage. Prevention is better than cure.

Tree nets

This tree protector protects against browsing of animals. Black polyethylene neatly with meshes of 7 x 7 mm. This tree protector is only open at the top and bottom. Therefore, it is often used in the planting of young trees.

Flex Guard

Consists of a black, diamond-shaped plastic material with extra UV protection. The tree protector is very sturdy, so that it does not collapse. This stem protector has small meshes so it is well protected against rabbits and hares. Flex Guard can be used around the trunk of existing plants and new planted plants.

Spiral tree protector

Plastic tree protector against browsing and other damage to the trunk. Easy to bend out and to attach around the trunk. The spiral shape ensures that the tree protector does not clamps but "grows" with the tree.

Anti nibble

This tree protector is made of PVC and stands firmly around the trunk. It is protected against browsing and bark-stripping and mowing damage. Easy to attach to the tree. Because of the multiple perforation s / holes, the tube is light and breathable.

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