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Weekly distribution routes

Do you also need our wirebaskets, jute hessian squares or other articles in stock, during the lifting season?  Do you also have Ad-Hoc purchase orders in the season and just that size basket or container is not stocked? Agro de Arend thinks along with you.

Agro de Arend has set up fixed logistic routes, during the week, in the Netherlands and Belgium. This is to provide you, the customer, with clarity when you can use our delivery service and thus always guarantee a timely delivery. During the season our goal is to have our logistic service organized efficiently. For ad-hoc orders we always try to find a solution. In this way, wherever in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany we are always present locally.

Our routes highlighted

Netherlands / Belgium


West Brabant = Dongen-Sint Michielsgestel-Zundert-Berkel Enschot-Molenschot-Moergestel-Boxtel-Udenhout


Achterhoek = Aalten-Winterswijk-Lichtenvoorde-Halle-Hengelo-Bentelo
Veluwe = Apeldoorn-Ermelo-Lunteren-Nijkerk-Barneveld-Ede


Oost Brabant = Venray-Someren-Mill-Cuijk-Groeningen
Limburg = Reuver-Swolgen-Horst-Grubbenvorst-Blitterswijck


West Brabant = Dongen-Sint Michielsgestel-Zundert-Berkel Enschot-Molenschot-Moergestel-Boxtel-Udenhout.

Region Opheusden:

From Monday till Friday – during the day. For pick up; we can have your order ready when you arrive. Just sent your order through soon enough by phone, mail or WhatsApp. 


During the season we also organize routes in Germany and can plan in a swift delivery. Please adjust your requirement soon enough with your contact person. There is a solution for every logistic challenge.