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Conditions natural product

Bamboo is a natural product and grows in climates with higher humidity. Bamboo is cut in the mountains, where it grows without any aids such as fertilizer. After bamboo is cut, it is dried to a moisture content of up to 14% moisture. Then the bamboo is straightened, then bundled and shipped to its final destination. 

Because the climate at the final destination is often different from where the bamboo comes from, this has influences on the bamboo. The bamboo can warp again, and when the humidiy is below 50% the chance of cracking increases. Basically, bamboo has the same properties as wood; wood also works.

Previously in our industry tonkin was staked later in the year. At that time there is less chance of tearing. Nowadays the bamboo is staked earlier at the plant. The major disadvantage of this is that in spring a dry east wind regularly blows with humidity below 50%. This has the effect that the bamboo is more and more often flapping or cracking. Agro de Arend as a supplier and you as a customer can do nothing about this. What can reduce these complaints, however, is staking the bamboo later in the year. Then the humidity is often higher. What also helps is to tie the tonkin to the tree. The strenght should then be kept in as much as possible. This can also be done by putting stakes on the rows and drawing a line. This is then to support the bamboo. A good support is also necessary because due to climate change the showers in summer are getting heavier.

We as supplier will do everything we can to deliver the product to you as the customer in the best possible way. However, we cannot counteract the change in nature. Therefore, Agro de Arend cannot be held responsible for the natural product and the consequences that may result.