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Nadine Huibers - van Nifterik

Nadine Huibers - van Nifterik


Once in the two months Agro de Arend introduces its clients to you. In this edition we asked Betuwe Plant some questions.

Company: Betuwe Plant
Place: Opheusden

Can you briefly introduce your company?

We are a trading company with pot cultivation as our most important specialty. We have 2 different companies, Betuwe Plant and Gelder Plant Export. Gelder Plant Export focuses on trade and Betuwe Plant mainly focuses on garden centers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia.
Currently  we employ 25 employees.

You mainly grow your trees and plants in container? What is the main driver for you to grow in a container?

The advantage of growing in a container is that you can deliver throughout the year. There is also demand from the consumer here. As soon as something is ordered, it can also be delivered quickly.
In addition, there is also demand from project developers. They want to finish projects all year round.

Agro de Arend is your supplier for a wide range of products. Why do you specifically choose Agro de Arend?

Agro de Arend distinguishes itself through fast delivery. We have been doing business together for 18 years now and have a good relationship.