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Employee in the spotlight

Martin Wigger

Accountmanager Export
Martin Wigger


Once every two months Agro de Arend introduces one of its employees. Who is behind Agro de Arend? In this edition: Bram van de Wetering, logistics employee

Who am i? 

My name is Bram van de Wetering, 21 years old. I was born in Ochten and have been living in Kesteren with my girlfriend Williese Huibers for over a year now. I studied for an animal caretaker and worked as a holiday worker in the nursery. After I got my diploma, I worked in the nursery for two more years until I was approached by Agro de Arend for a job. Because of my knowledge and experience, I can help the customers at Agro.

What is your responsibility within Agro de Arend?

As a logistics employee I (usually) start the day with the preparation of orders, which the clients come to pick up at Agro during the course of the day. Then I start with the orders that have to be loaded into one of our trailers or buses for our daily routes.

Besides loading our trailers, we also have to unload trailers and/or containers. These are unloaded by hand and then placed in stock. In between loading and unloading I try to help as many clients as possible.

What do you like most about this sector?

The best thing in my work is dealing with clients and loading our own trailers.

If I manage to get all orders fit safely in a bus or trailer and the door can hardly close. Then this gives me great satisfaction and my task is done. I also deliver the orders to the most beautiful places in the Benelux. All this makes it a versatile profession!

What drives me within Agro de Arend?

Just like in the nursery, our work is physically demanding and during the lifting season we are extra busy. But because of the nice colleagues and the beautiful work I have, I enjoy going to work every day. No two days are ever the same.

How do i spent my spare time?

If necessary, I can help with the unloading of containers on weekday evenings. On other evenings I play korfball and train the B1 team of Kesteren. On Saturdays we usually play competition and in the evening I go out for a dinner with friends or go to the pub. As a real Feyenoord fan, I have a season ticket and I never miss a match. In short, a lot of hobbies and little free time.