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Each 2 months, Joep Jansen of Agroburen in Tiel, gives you usefull tips.

Joep Jansen

Crop protection advisor
Joep Jansen

Tips and advice

AZ 500 The soil herbicide AZ 500 is new in the tree nursery. AZ 500 has a good and exclusive effect against pests, composites such as Scented Mayweed, Common Groundsel and Smooth Sow-thistle from seed, crucifers such as the Shepherd's Purse, Charlock and Bittercress, and also against, Germander Speedwell, Purple Dead-nettle and many other broad-leaved weeds.

The herbicide does not work against grasses and perennial weeds that emerge from rhizomes. At low soil temperatures, AZ 500 has a relatively long effect. As the soil temperature rises in summer, degradation is accelerated. Apply the product in combination with Finale/ Radical (if still available) or Roundup if weeds are present in the field. Use as a dosage 0.5 ltr AZ 500 per ha. Ideal application time is in autumn or early spring if the soil is sufficiently moist. Contact us to determine the right strategy for weed control.