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Each 2 months, Joep Jansen of Agroburen in Tiel, gives you usefull tips.

Joep Jansen

Crop protection advisor
Joep Jansen

Analyzing and fertilizing the soil

In order to achieve optimum growth and health of the crop, it is important to ensure that sufficient nutrients are present in the soil. The soil is the basis for a healthy and vital plant. By means of a soil analysis you gain insight into the condition of the soil. The analysis offers, among other things, insight in the field of pH, Organic matter, CEC ratio and main and trace elements. On the basis of the analysis, a fertilization plan can be drawn up to optimize the condition of the soil. It is possible to have a soil sample taken by Joep and get an extensive analysis report and advice. If you have an analysis report that is no more than 3 years old, it is possible to have Joep advise you. You can reach him at tel .: +31 6 10 93 12 81 or email: