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April was never so dry

Martin Wigger

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Martin Wigger

Tips and advice

After a wet beginning of this year, there has hardly been a drip of rain since March. The drought is on its way back.

As an example, we describe the situation in the Netherlands.
The groundwater in several places in the south, middle and east of the Netherlands is a lot lower than normal. Even with all the showers at the beginning of the year, it is already very dry in several places. Especially the high sandy soils in Noord-Brabant, Limburg and Gelderland suffer from the drought, because the water here quickly subsides. The precipitation deficit is currently around 40 millimetres, which means that 2020 is one of the 5 percent driest years. This year there seems to be no end to the drought.
What can you, as a farmer, grower, gardener, do to prevent the crop from drying out? Take a look at the different possibilities we can offer you below.


Lite-NET is a fine-fibre, aqueous fleece net available in several variants and for various applications. Lite-NET prevents dehydration. With its excellent water storage capacity, high water conductivity/drainage capacity, the net prevents the soil and clod from drying out. Approx. 90% of the net consists of open, interconnected air pores. Lite-NET is ideal for difficult soil conditions such as erosion, drought, silting up and slopes. Installed underground and in contact with the surface, Lite-Net can absorb water and air. As a result, it is quickly and extensively distributed in the root zone. Compared to conventional irrigation, Lite-NET can save up to 70 % water. The Lite-NET is available in rolls as well as in pre-cut pieces. Most commonly used and durable is the biodegradable variant. This net can be kept for up to 5 seasons.   In addition to the physiological and sustainable advantages, Lite-NET also offers an economic advantage. The use of Lite-Net in public green areas can lead to cost savings of up to 30% per year.


Lite strips are finely fibrous, aqueous fleece flakes 6 mm thick. Lite strips are made of 100% biodegradable PLA which makes them durable and effective for up to 5 seasons. Lite strips have a very high-water retention capacity and water conductivity. The strips are mixed into the soil mixture and serve as a water reservoir close to the roots. A better moisture management close to the roots ensures a more optimal and better growth of the crop.  By using Lite strips, less water is needed compared to conventional irrigation/watering. The strips also ensure aeration of the soil. 

TreeKing water bag

The Treeking water bag is a flat, partially closed bag with a zipper on both sides. The bag is folded around the trunk of the tree and fastened with the zipper. When the bag is 1/4 full, lift the bag slightly to straighten it and fill it completely with water.
You can mix fertilizer through the water so the tree can gradually absorb it. Do use liquid fertilizer or make sure you dissolve the fertilizer completely before it enters the water bag.

Water edge

Dry soils in public green spaces and urbanised areas cause problems tree health. When watering young trees, it is important that the water remains around the base of the trunk. By applying the watering edge, the given water does not flow out and the water around the base remains available. During the first three growing seasons after planting, the tree will need extra water. After three years the root system will have developed to the point that the tree can provide its own water supply. In combination with Lite-NET around the root ball you create the ideal situation for planting. The result: a more optimal and better growth of the tree.