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Employee in the spotlight

Marinus Schuurbiers

Accountmanager Germany and Poland
Marinus Schuurbiers

News about Agro de Arend

Once every two weeks Agro de Arend introduces one of its employees. Who is behind Agro de Arend? In this edition: Marinus Schuurbiers.

My name is Marinus Schuurbiers, born in 1964. Married to Erika for a long time and we have 2 sons.

In my spare time, from the age of 13, working in the tree nursery. During this work I became very excited about our beautiful profession. After my completed education, I started working at a large tree nursery. Here I gained many international experiences.

Since January 2019 I have been working at Agro de Arend where I am responsible for our relations in Germany and Poland. I like to be on the road to visit customers to provide them with our knowledge and products.

Our sector gives me great satisfaction because I can contribute something in this way to an even greener environment. With all our knowledge, experiences and the needs of the customers, it is good to see that we can mean something for the customer.

In addition to all plants (such as trees, shrubs, conifers and perennials) that are professionally grown, I can really enjoy nature with the great diversity of wild flowers and plants. Walking is a great passion for us together and if the possibilities are there, we will not only stay in our own region but also go to other areas in the Netherlands to walk there.

Besides walking we can also often be found in our own large garden. Every season of the year brings something beautiful to the garden. In the spring, everything starts to sprout again. In the summer the wonderful flowers, in the autumn the beautiful autumn colors and in the winter enjoy a bit of rest.